Aetherea Timeline

This is a chronicle of the events of the world of Aetherea as laid out by Goldervan Minervo.

Before First Age

  • 7300 BFA: Yngrol Stormbringer unites the tribes and founds the Kingdom of Hybrun. Yngrol rules from his castle at Maidstone.
  • 6600 BFA: Hybrun expands eastward. Stormhaven is founded and becomes the Kingdom’s capital city.
  • 6000 BFA: The Eisshyr Empire rises in the east.
  • 5500 BFA: The 1st golden age of Hybrun. This period is known as a period of architecture, Men begin to learn stone-cutting and masonry from the Dwarves in the North, they utilise this new-found knowledge to create cities in the South. Goldervan Minervo is born in Selborne.
  • 4500 BFA: The War of Elves and Men, the war ultimately ends in a stalemate with heavy casualties on both sides.
  • 3500 BFA: The Eisshyr Empire falls due to Hybrun expansion.
  • 2900 BFA: The Dwarven Empire of Pragospodar rises in the north.
  • 1900 BFA: The Kingdom of Hybrun expands northward to the northern coast.
  • 1500 BFA: The Dwarven Empire of Pragospodar falls due to the Hybrun expansion.
  • 1000 BFA: Hybrun enters a second golden age. The Academium Arcana is founded by Goldervan Minervo in Ebonport, it becomes a thriving attraction as well as the center of knowledge of the known-world. Education into the arcana arts brings more people to Ebonport to study under Goldervan. This is a period of arcana and divinity as more and more people try to understand the magical arts. Goldervan elects the first archmages to the Academium High Council.
  • 544 BFA: The Ironforge War: The Men of Hybrun defeat the remnants of the people. Dwarf-king Magnar the Red bends the knee to King Kortar Night-Beard.
  • 444 BFA: The Men of Hybrun invade the Isharri Wilds and are promptly defeated by the Eisshyr.
  • 394 BFA: The Eisshyr Revolution: The Eisshyr led by Aelen Galanodel defeat the Men of Hybrun. A treaty between the two rulers establishes the edict that no man shall pass into the Isharri Wilds.
  • 344 BFA: The Kingdom of Hybrun expands to include the Southern Isles of the coast.
  • 294 BFA: The Bank of Southwater is founded and Hybrun enters a period of prosperity that last for the next fifty years.
  • 244 BFA: Hybrun enters a state of decadence under the rule of Eoin Drunk-King, this period is known for its high birth and death rates.
  • 203 BFA: Orsik Ironfist is born in Kingsnorth.
  • 194 BFA: Bandits begin raiding the countryside and this is said to be the beginning of the bandit organization known as The Ebon Vipers.
  • 184 BFA: Vankoris Rochirion is born in Mellune, he is found to be ungifted.
  • 144 BFA: Hybrun begins a state of decline, city-states become more prominent and lords at this point have more power than the King.
  • 123 BFA: Aramil Galanodel, son of Aelen, is born in Mellune, deep within the Isharri Wilds. He is found to be ungifted and his mother dies giving birth to him.
  • 94 BFA: Conduth the Red sets ablaze the forests in the North, the first red dragon sighting in recorded history.
  • 44 BFA: War of Succession. Bothvar becomes King of Hybrun upon defeating his nephew Agnar, a boy of fourteen, in combat. Loghain Rothbrok is born in Fairharbor.
  • 38 BFA: Loyalists of Agnar revolt against the rule of Bothvar. They are captured and quartered publicly for the crime of treason and their lands are seized and distributed among the nobility.
  • 35 BFA: The Isharri Wurms emerge from their subterranean dwelling in the Isharri Wilds.
  • 33 BFA: The legitimacy of Tordar is birth is brought into question, some claim that he was born in an affair between his mother and a lesser lord and is therefore not the legitimate heir to the throne of Hybrun.
  • 30 BFA: The 1st Black Rebellion: A band of influential leaders attempt to overthrow King Bothvar and oust Tordar as a bastard born out of his mother’s infidelity. These men are tried and hung for treason.
  • 25 BFA: The Ebon Vipers begin to terrorize the countryside, burning farmsteads in their wake.
  • 23 BFA: Tordar Ashenhelm succeeds his father, Bothvar, as King of Hybrun.
  • 22 BFA: Shava Gemflower is born in Ebonport.
  • 20 BFA: Cailan Dorne is born in Penarth.
  • 19 BFA: Asha Dorne is born in Penarth.
  • 18 BFA: The 2nd Black Rebellion: A rebellion ensues as a result of Tordar’s rule, those who believe him not to be the true heir and king of Hybrun orchestrate an attempt on his life. Those responsible are swiftly brought to justice and are executed for treason.
  • 14 BFA: The Northern Rebellion: the aristocracy of the North is revolted against by the children of the lords executed during the Loyalist Rebellion. They reclaim their lands.
  • 7 BFA: The North experiences a harsh winter that devastates their crops, it experiences a famine and seeks aid from the South.
  • 1 BFA: Ebonport Revolution and the burning of Fairharbor; Loghain Rothbrok is exiled, he sets eastward to Aethos

The First Age

  • 1 FA: The events of the Campaign begin. Stormhaven is founded.

Aetherea Timeline

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