Goldervan Minervo

the Enigmatic


No one really knows what the wizard looks like as he often deals with people through his subordinates. Many assume that due to his extensive body of work that he may be an elf or a dwarf simply based on the fact of his age as his works extend back a millennia or so, perhaps even long before that.


The Story Before…

Knowledge of Goldervan’s origins are murky at best as the only person who has any real knowledge on the subject is Goldervan himself and is not something he would be privy to disclose willingly. All that is known about the wizard is that he was born in Hybrun. The facts about his life have garnered themselves to folklore in the tales of Goldervan that wet-nurses would tell young children as bedtime stories. He is seen as the pinnacle of knowledge and someone who is highly intellectual is often said to “Goldervanesque”.

Inventions and Discoveries attributed to Goldervan

  • The Goldervan Numeric System of Cataloging Tomes, Scrolls and Other Works, known simply as The Dervie Decimal System
  • A book on military tactics entitled “The Portrait of Excessive Mass Violence”
  • The Time-Tracker, a device that keeps track of the hours and minutes of a day, invented by Goldervan as legend has it when he was a child and stuck a stick in the ground and spent the next five years studying it.
  • The discovery of magic
  • The different schools of magic
  • The Academium Arcana, a building that serves as the base of all knowledge of the world.
  • The relation between religion and magic as set out in his book “A Godly Hand does Heal”.

Goldervan Minervo

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