The Frontier Saga

The Story of Loghain Rothbrok

Depending on who you ask, you either know Loghain Rothbrok as a hero of the common folk or as a traitorous opportunist seeking to leave his mark on the world. Born to a scandalous father, who had two separate affairs that led to the birth of Loghain’s half-elven half-brothers, Vankoris and Arokoris, and he himself a product of his father’s infidelity although this time his father would stick around to sire two more children Loghain’s younger sister and brother, Olira and Juran. It came as no surprise to any that Loghain loathed his father for his transgressions, especially the birth of his younger half-brother, Arokoris. Loghain had an ordinary childhood, often playing with his younger siblings, pretending to be adventurers or members of the local militia, one of whom Loghain idealized above all others; Beldon with whom he would forge a friendship with when Loghain joined the Red Watch when he turned of age. The two were in separable as mentor and student and it became apparent earlier that Loghain had a great aptitude for combat as he would play a pivotal role in tracking down the Ebon Vipers although he was unable to locate their elusive leader, Emersen Rohart. Loghain considers this to be his first failure and holds it as a burden in all his endeavours and as a constant reminder that even in victory there are still losses. Loghain become Captain of the Red Watch not that long after and it is now that his story takes an interesting turn. You see, Loghain now held a position of great influence and using that influence he had come to possess knowledge that disturbed him: The Jarl of Ebonhart, Tordar Ashhelm, had been supplying the Ebon Vipers with their weapons, and was responsible for the countless atrocities that had claimed the life of the very people he had sworn to protect. This leader to what has become known as the Red Watch Revolt, Loghain had the local militia backing him while Jarl Ashhelm brought in soldiers from neighbouring lands what resulted was a clash for power which ended when Loghain was defeated, again making him questioning his role as leader. His punishment for his treason was exile and he did so willingly but many would join him in his exodus from Ebonhart, among them Baldruf the Pious, who would come to serve as one of the founding leaders of the Kingdom of Umbria in Athos. He would come to the western shores of the continent of Athos in the early spring and begin settling a new land for him and his people, he would forsake his homeland and never speak the name of Tordar Ashhelm ever again unless it was to spite the man.



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