The Frontier Saga

The tale of Cailan and Asha Dorne begins in the village of Ebonport. Born to farmers, the young children were taught the ways of cultivation and harvesting. Alas! Fate had other plans for the pair, one night their farmstead was raided by a band of marauders, known as The Ebon Vipers, who burned their crops, murdered their parents, and kidnapped young Cailan, leaving his sister with his younger brother to fend for themselves.

Cailan, suffered greatly at the hands of his captors, and when it seemed that all hope was lost, he found salvation. Salvation came in the form of a travelling cleric named Baldruf, who took the child in after pay a hefty fee to earn his freedom. It was then that Cailan begun his journey into the world of the Divine, learning all that he could and sharing this knowledge in his travels. He became devoted to seeking the great truth of the world, inspired by the man who had saved his life so many years before. In his devotion to the Elder God, Cailan found purpose, he would aid those in need, he would defend the weak from their oppressors, he would fight the evils of the world. It wasn’t long before news spread that the man named Emersen Rohart, the man responsible for the death of Cailan’s parents, was seeking passage to a new land across the sea to reach Cailan. Seeing this as an opportunity to confront the man and make him atone for his crimes or at the very least bring him to justice, Cailan found his way unto the ship and there he was reunited with his old friend and mentor, Baldruf, and his sister, Asha, and brother, Ashter.

Asha’s journey was quite different. Left to fend for herself, Asha turned to the life of squander and misery, she relied on the one talent she had: music. She began to play at local taverns across the land and eventually caught the attention of a wealthy gentleman named Lan Ravenswollow. He became her patron and her biggest fan, his position of influenced granted Asha more notoriety among the upper echelon of society. This new fame provided Asha with more than enough to secure a happy life for her and her younger brother. Happiness is a hard thing to come by in the world and a such nothing good can ever last forever, the patron, an elderly gentleman had developed romantic feelings for the young songstress and his advances were rebuked always. Furious by this treatment and fuel by drunken anger and embarrassment, he grew jealous of the men who swooned his beloved. His anger was unquenchable and it wasn’t long before Asha’s resilience became her detriment. Asha became fearful of her safety and that of her younger brother. As life often does, an opportunity arose, a new home across the sea and a ship readily available to secure safe passenger, she with her younger brother, a lute and a lyre in hand would set out to Athos.



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