The Frontier Saga

From the Journal of Orsik Ironfist

That half-elven bastard woke me up early today, if he wasn’t my lord I’d show him a thing or two about waking a sleeping dwarf. We’re going back to the blasted tower today, god knows why, I don’t think there’s much to see here but the whole town is worried about those bloody Sharp-Fangs ever since that wood elf fellow brought that damn skull back to town the other day. Frankly, I find him a bit of a nuisance but he is better company then most.

The tower had a door, wonder why we didn’t notice that the first time around? Most of missed it over all the commotion over that freaking mask. The blasted places was infested with those Sharp-Fangs like it was there home or something, maybe it was but it was for long. Between me and that pointy-earred fellow we must have slewed most of them, don’t think there were any left after we were done. There was this pamphlet of source and that half-elf magicky miss told us that it was about the coming of a dragon queen! Can you believe that between those bloody Sharp-Fangs and dragons, how is dwarf like myself going to find any time to just settle down and enjoy the good life of ale? Doesn’t matter really though, not sure what this all means but the elf fellow is right about one thing I don’t like the sounds of this Tiamat thing, not in the slightest.

Elf fellow has a thing for a little flesh ripper, brought one back with him to Stormhaven, called him Steeve. Guess you can’t kill the poor thing now that he’s named it? Oh well might as well make the most of it. That elf fellow asked me to stud his armor for him, guess I might as well make myself useful.



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