The Frontier Saga

From the Journal of Asha Dorne

I have arrived in the settlement of Stormhaven, my brother has assured me that coming here was the best decision for the both of us. My younger brother is still homesick but there is little that can be done about that now.

I’ve been tasked with accompanying my brother and another commoner, a Half-Elf, don’t know what the story is there? Perhaps I will ask at a later date, in finding the scouting part that had left the city looking for food. I thought this would be a great opportunity to see some of the world instead all we found was a misogynistic hunter and a marsh. The hunter is named Aramil and for a hunt he has done a fairly decent job at doing so and by that I mean he somehow managed to lose the food he was storing to bring back to the town. Needless to say, I am left unimpressed by him.

He knows how to kill animals though as evident from his skills with a bow and he did manage to bring down a few bison who were grazing near camp. I think he might have a problem with his ego though, he seems to be very competitive and seemingly jealous of the prowess of a fellow hunter, a dwarf, who seemed equally happy to rub it in.

We came to what appeared to be an old battlefield, nothing special really, just burnt towers and skeletons. We returned her though and found something rather peculiar, a mask that was shaped like a red dragon, I do not know what to make of it, though Cailan seemed to think that it was out of place among these people. Who knows? Perhaps he is mistaken.




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