The Eisshyr

The Eisshyr people are the inhabitants of the Isharri Wilds on the continent of Hybrun, west of Aethos. Not much is known about these peoples but what has been studied of them two things are certain: they are mostly if not all wood elves and they like their isolation from society.

Common Traditions

“Tyrol”: The Choosing

What has been researched by Goldervan is that the Eisshyr people have a tradition called by them, the “Tyrol” or in the common tongue, the Choosing, in which the tribe elects from its members the best person to become the new chieftain. This is often in the event of the passing of a chieftain or the even rarer case, a “Thalaer Jhaedaes” is called in which the members of the tribe vote that the current chieftain has failed them in some aspect. From what Goldervan has deducted, no such practice has occurred in over a millennia and even then no records have showed that such a thing has ever occurred though it is still an option in the realm of the tribe’s democracy to allow for a vote of no confidence in their leadership. The site of the Choosing is traditionally at the Aeterna’rbor at the center of the Elven city of Mellune.

“Si Kaer Cel”: The Great Hunt

According to Goldervan’s notes on the Eisshyr people, they have an annual tradition of a mass tribal hunt. This is often seen in their society as a rite of passage among the indoctrine younger elven folk and is followed shortly thereafter by a wonderful feast.

“Novu Vitae”: New Life

The Eisshyr people traditionally make a pilgrimage to the Aeterna’rbor whenever a child is to be born. It is said that a child born under the shades of the glowing tree will be imbued with some of the tree’s magical power. There is some truth to this statement however not all children born under the tree are imbued with magical powers and the tree only increases the chance of a child having such arcane powers.

Current Chieftain: Content Not Found: aelen-galanodel

Known Members

The Eisshyr

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