Aramil Galanodel

The Wood Elf Huntmaster


Short as far as elves go, Aramil is 5’8". He is fairly muscled from years of hunting and traveling the wilds. His long blond hair is shaved on the sides, a tradition of Eisshyr hunters. His eyes are golden and are constantly vigilant of his surroundings.


The Story Before…

Looking at Aramil Galanodel for the first time, no one would guess his upbringing as an heir apparent to the Eisshyr tribe of the Isharri Wilds. Born with a ravenous curiosity about the world beyond the woods, young Aramil was constantly scolded by his father, Aelen, chief of the Eisshyr. This curiosity would lead to rebellion as Aramil began spending time and gold in the nearby town of Fairharbor. It was in the town’s tavern that Aramil met and fell in love with a human, a young maiden named Katraine. The two would eventually become close and get married in secret in the woods Aramil called home. When word reached Aramil’s father, he cast his only son out into the human world he loved so much. Aramil was happy with his bride until the day the dragon came.Aramil doesn’t remember much as he was unconscious for most of it, being burned by dragonfire up the left side of his torso. The next thing he recalls is Loghain pouring a potion of healing into his mouth. Finding his feet, Aramil began digging through the rubble only to find his wife’s charred corpse. It was then that he heard whimpers coming from a flaming building. Inside a wolf cub laid trapped, it’s fur singed by the dragonfire. Aramil rescued her and gained a trusted companion for life, which he named Syrah. Owing his life to Loghain, the two exiles sailed to Athos for a fresh start in the new land.

Aramil Galanodel

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