The Frontier Saga

From the Journal of Orsik Ironfist

That half-elven bastard woke me up early today, if he wasn’t my lord I’d show him a thing or two about waking a sleeping dwarf. We’re going back to the blasted tower today, god knows why, I don’t think there’s much to see here but the whole town is worried about those bloody Sharp-Fangs ever since that wood elf fellow brought that damn skull back to town the other day. Frankly, I find him a bit of a nuisance but he is better company then most.

The tower had a door, wonder why we didn’t notice that the first time around? Most of missed it over all the commotion over that freaking mask. The blasted places was infested with those Sharp-Fangs like it was there home or something, maybe it was but it was for long. Between me and that pointy-earred fellow we must have slewed most of them, don’t think there were any left after we were done. There was this pamphlet of source and that half-elf magicky miss told us that it was about the coming of a dragon queen! Can you believe that between those bloody Sharp-Fangs and dragons, how is dwarf like myself going to find any time to just settle down and enjoy the good life of ale? Doesn’t matter really though, not sure what this all means but the elf fellow is right about one thing I don’t like the sounds of this Tiamat thing, not in the slightest.

Elf fellow has a thing for a little flesh ripper, brought one back with him to Stormhaven, called him Steeve. Guess you can’t kill the poor thing now that he’s named it? Oh well might as well make the most of it. That elf fellow asked me to stud his armor for him, guess I might as well make myself useful.

From the Journal of Asha Dorne

I have arrived in the settlement of Stormhaven, my brother has assured me that coming here was the best decision for the both of us. My younger brother is still homesick but there is little that can be done about that now.

I’ve been tasked with accompanying my brother and another commoner, a Half-Elf, don’t know what the story is there? Perhaps I will ask at a later date, in finding the scouting part that had left the city looking for food. I thought this would be a great opportunity to see some of the world instead all we found was a misogynistic hunter and a marsh. The hunter is named Aramil and for a hunt he has done a fairly decent job at doing so and by that I mean he somehow managed to lose the food he was storing to bring back to the town. Needless to say, I am left unimpressed by him.

He knows how to kill animals though as evident from his skills with a bow and he did manage to bring down a few bison who were grazing near camp. I think he might have a problem with his ego though, he seems to be very competitive and seemingly jealous of the prowess of a fellow hunter, a dwarf, who seemed equally happy to rub it in.

We came to what appeared to be an old battlefield, nothing special really, just burnt towers and skeletons. We returned her though and found something rather peculiar, a mask that was shaped like a red dragon, I do not know what to make of it, though Cailan seemed to think that it was out of place among these people. Who knows? Perhaps he is mistaken.


The Story of Loghain Rothbrok

Depending on who you ask, you either know Loghain Rothbrok as a hero of the common folk or as a traitorous opportunist seeking to leave his mark on the world. Born to a scandalous father, who had two separate affairs that led to the birth of Loghain’s half-elven half-brothers, Vankoris and Arokoris, and he himself a product of his father’s infidelity although this time his father would stick around to sire two more children Loghain’s younger sister and brother, Olira and Juran. It came as no surprise to any that Loghain loathed his father for his transgressions, especially the birth of his younger half-brother, Arokoris. Loghain had an ordinary childhood, often playing with his younger siblings, pretending to be adventurers or members of the local militia, one of whom Loghain idealized above all others; Beldon with whom he would forge a friendship with when Loghain joined the Red Watch when he turned of age. The two were in separable as mentor and student and it became apparent earlier that Loghain had a great aptitude for combat as he would play a pivotal role in tracking down the Ebon Vipers although he was unable to locate their elusive leader, Emersen Rohart. Loghain considers this to be his first failure and holds it as a burden in all his endeavours and as a constant reminder that even in victory there are still losses. Loghain become Captain of the Red Watch not that long after and it is now that his story takes an interesting turn. You see, Loghain now held a position of great influence and using that influence he had come to possess knowledge that disturbed him: The Jarl of Ebonhart, Tordar Ashhelm, had been supplying the Ebon Vipers with their weapons, and was responsible for the countless atrocities that had claimed the life of the very people he had sworn to protect. This leader to what has become known as the Red Watch Revolt, Loghain had the local militia backing him while Jarl Ashhelm brought in soldiers from neighbouring lands what resulted was a clash for power which ended when Loghain was defeated, again making him questioning his role as leader. His punishment for his treason was exile and he did so willingly but many would join him in his exodus from Ebonhart, among them Baldruf the Pious, who would come to serve as one of the founding leaders of the Kingdom of Umbria in Athos. He would come to the western shores of the continent of Athos in the early spring and begin settling a new land for him and his people, he would forsake his homeland and never speak the name of Tordar Ashhelm ever again unless it was to spite the man.

The Story of Dorne Twins

The tale of Cailan and Asha Dorne begins in the village of Ebonport. Born to farmers, the young children were taught the ways of cultivation and harvesting. Alas! Fate had other plans for the pair, one night their farmstead was raided by a band of marauders, known as The Ebon Vipers, who burned their crops, murdered their parents, and kidnapped young Cailan, leaving his sister with his younger brother to fend for themselves.

Cailan, suffered greatly at the hands of his captors, and when it seemed that all hope was lost, he found salvation. Salvation came in the form of a travelling cleric named Baldruf, who took the child in after pay a hefty fee to earn his freedom. It was then that Cailan begun his journey into the world of the Divine, learning all that he could and sharing this knowledge in his travels. He became devoted to seeking the great truth of the world, inspired by the man who had saved his life so many years before. In his devotion to the Elder God, Cailan found purpose, he would aid those in need, he would defend the weak from their oppressors, he would fight the evils of the world. It wasn’t long before news spread that the man named Emersen Rohart, the man responsible for the death of Cailan’s parents, was seeking passage to a new land across the sea to reach Cailan. Seeing this as an opportunity to confront the man and make him atone for his crimes or at the very least bring him to justice, Cailan found his way unto the ship and there he was reunited with his old friend and mentor, Baldruf, and his sister, Asha, and brother, Ashter.

Asha’s journey was quite different. Left to fend for herself, Asha turned to the life of squander and misery, she relied on the one talent she had: music. She began to play at local taverns across the land and eventually caught the attention of a wealthy gentleman named Lan Ravenswollow. He became her patron and her biggest fan, his position of influenced granted Asha more notoriety among the upper echelon of society. This new fame provided Asha with more than enough to secure a happy life for her and her younger brother. Happiness is a hard thing to come by in the world and a such nothing good can ever last forever, the patron, an elderly gentleman had developed romantic feelings for the young songstress and his advances were rebuked always. Furious by this treatment and fuel by drunken anger and embarrassment, he grew jealous of the men who swooned his beloved. His anger was unquenchable and it wasn’t long before Asha’s resilience became her detriment. Asha became fearful of her safety and that of her younger brother. As life often does, an opportunity arose, a new home across the sea and a ship readily available to secure safe passenger, she with her younger brother, a lute and a lyre in hand would set out to Athos.

The Story Thus Far

It began with defeat, rebels driven from their homeland following the lost of a great battle, the traitorous Loghain Rothbrok, heralded a hero of the common folk took ships across the sea and came about the western coast of Athos and founded the settlement of Stormhaven, the first in the new found land of Umbria


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